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PostSubject: Characters   Characters EmptyTue Jul 27, 2010 3:51 am

So we've already revealed that The Vault is a place that has rooms in it. Well, there are people in these rooms. Spoiler alert!

Who are these people? Well you will have to figure that out. You will be able to pick up a few pieces of information immediately from the first teaser. Nothing we put in this show is accidental. That was one of our goals. We wanted to do things very carefully and purposefully. If a fly goes through the shot, it's because it's part of the story. Ok, maybe not, but it's pretty close to that.

Teaser #1, which has been filmed and will be available to view within the next few days, will introduce you to one of the characters on the show. You might not get a whole lot of information about her from the teaser, but you will learn a few things that matter. If you are one of the few people here from the very beginning, you will enjoy our project a lot more. There are things that people coming in late just won't get to experience, but that's the way this works.

As you meet more characters, feel free to post any ideas, theories, or comments you have about them here.
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