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 Teaser #1 Recap

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PostSubject: Teaser #1 Recap   Teaser #1 Recap EmptyWed Aug 11, 2010 3:07 am

So we figured we'd do the first recap, but we'd love to see someone else do these in the future.

The teaser opens with a girl, late teens, sitting in a mysterious white room wearing a dark blue UCSB t-shirt and a black blindfold. She is suddenly startled by the sound of man's voice that can be heard over loud static. She reaches awkwardly around the room, feeling for the source of the noise. Eventually she reaches down, finding white shaggy carpet. We also see she is wearing dark blue jeans.

She crawls over and finds the leg of a tan-colored stool. Her hands make their way up to a black radio, which she grabs. She adjusts the radio to get rid of the static. When the voice comes through clearly, she maxes out the volume.

The man on the radio says the following:

"It's a desperate move by a desperate network in my opinion, and what happens if this thing flops? Oh my God! If this doesn't get the ratings after all the promotion they've been doing for what, almost a year, a lot of people are gonna be canned. That's for sure. And that's after all the people they already canned! If this thing doesn't do well, the entire network may as well be shut down, I'm serious. Think about it. They've put all their eggs in this one basket...they've put all their other programming, not that anyone was watching anyway, but still, they've put all their other programming on hold for one show...and we still have no idea what it's even about! I'll make a prediction. I think they're gonna get huge numbers, huge, I'm talking record breaking type numbers, but only in the beginning. A lot of people want to see what this thing's all about, but they won't be able to hold that audience, and no one is going to watch this thing 24/7 for a week straight either, (gets muffled) are you kidding me? And what the hell happens when it's over, then what? I just don't see it. Ok. Gonna take a quick commercial break, and after, I want to hear your take on "The Vault," which premieres...(inaudible)...2016, at 8/7 central. We're opening up the phone lines now and we'll be taking your calls here...(cuts out)."

As the girl listens, we see that the radio is an AM/FM 2band radio tuned to around 103.0 FM. The static starts to cut back in, and she stands up. As the camera zooms out, we move through a small clear square window and into what appears to be another completely dark room. We see the girl through the window as she turns to look directly at us, while the radio becomes very muffled. The teaser then cuts to black.

Teaser #1 Recap Radiot11
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Teaser #1 Recap
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